Create a Ticket


How to Buy Solo Mailing

  • How to find a seller
  • Review seller’s profile, ratings and traffic statistics
  • Placing an order
  • Waiting all visitors have been delivered to your site
  • Analyzing statistics
  • How to post a rating
  • How to cancel
  • How to get a refund

How Udimi protects own members

  • Protection from Click Rings
  • Protection from Traffic Exchanges
  • Protection from Proxy clicks
  • Verified PayPal and Credit Card Info
  • “Newbie Safe” for New Sellers
  • No Name Changes

How Udimi click filter works


How to Sell Solo Ads

  • Rules
  • How to setup your seller profile
  • How to add order extras
  • How to enable own affiliate program
  • Creating own solo deal
  • Important notes and tips for your success


Affiliate program

  • My Link and Stats
  • How Hardcoding Works
  • Sample Calculation
  • When Will I Get Paid