How to Buy a Solo

By | January 2, 2016

Find a Seller

Finding the right seller is the most important task.

There are two sections where you can find sellers: Find Sellers screen with many filtering options to find exact match and Solo Deals screen with unique offers and hot deals from our sellers.

Finding a seller through Find Sellers section

This section represents the list of all sellers available on Udimi. It looks like this:

  1. Filter Results

You can filter the list to find the most suitable sellers, using the following filter control panel:

You can look up the description of every filter by hovering the mouse over it. The following filters are available (from left to right):

 – When you wish to start the solo

 – The number of visitors the seller is able to give you within 100 hours

 – Price per click

 – Choose if you only want to see the sellers who are online now

 – Percentage of sales generated for customers, based on seller’s 20 latest solos

 – Minimal number of positive reviews the seller must have

 – Desired niche the seller performs best in

You can also sort the search results by sales, score, price and ratings.

  1. Review seller’s ratings

When you have your filtered results, click on the seller to find out more about them.

You will be able to find detailed seller reviews on their page. It looks like this:

Udimi is unique platform in a way that it lets you see both positive and negative ratings left for any particular seller. Sellers are not able to remove negative ratings from their profile.

  1. Study seller’s past sales

You will also be able to see a graphic representation of the seller’s past sales, which looks like this:

  1. Make a purchase

Once you have reviewed the seller’s profile and are ready to make a purchase, jump to window below:

In this window, you can select:

  • Start date
  • Number of requested visitors
  • Top tier only – meaning clicks from visitors from top tier countries only
  • No mobile/Only mobile – select if you want your audience to be limited only to those using desktops/mobile devices only.

Please keep in mind that the ‘Base Filter’ cannot be unclicked. Udimi automatically filters fraud and useless traffic for you, so you won’t have to spend hours, trying to understand the validity of each click you get.

You can also message the seller by clicking on this icon  in the top right corner, if you have any additional questions before making a purchase.

If you have your own ad text, just put it into the box along with the appropriate heading. If you don’t have a text yet, just unclick the box ‘I have ad text’ and insert the link you want to be promoted, in the window below:

When you’ve finished, simply click the ‘Buy’ button in the lower right corner. It will take you to your cart, where you will be able to complete the purchase by using either PayPal or credit card.

If you wish to make numerous orders with one payment, add all of them to your cart and then pay.

  1. Watch the delivery

Once the order is placed, please wait for the seller to accept it. The seller will have 24 hours to accept or to reject your solo ad order (5 hours, if the order is placed on the same date as a mailing date). When solo ad order is accepted, the seller has 100 hours to deliver all visitors to your link. If they fail to start sending clicks to your link within first 24 hours, you will be able to cancel a solo ad order and get 100% refund

  1. Post a rating

After a solo ad delivery has been finished, post a rating for the seller. Go to the Rating section of the solo, write a comment, choose the thumbs button and publish a rating.

All ratings are final and cannot be changed or given more than once.