How to Sell on Udimi

By | December 28, 2015

First and Foremost

According to our test solos with sellers outside of Udimi, 95% of sellers on Facebook and forums ARE SCAMS! This is why we are very proactive with newcomers and fake traffic sellers. Don’t try to cheat us.

We are in this business since 1995 and we know all the tricks you can imagine of… and many more.

  • Do not post any links or direct contact information anywhere on the site.
  • Do not propose buyers buying outside of Udimi. You got all buyers thanks to Udimi. Any attempt to pull our buyers outside of the Udimi will be classified as theft from Udimi and attempt to defraud buyer. Do not steal from us. Never try to pull a customer outside of Udimi. Automated system monitors all messaging and you will be banned for life.
  • Do not play games with the filter. Automated system monitors activity and account ban will come quickly.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed – neither buyer, nor seller.

Just to remind, we closely monitor all activity on Udimi and ban anybody who breaks our simple & honest rules.

Live stats of filtered clicks and banned sellers

If you are here to play games with us, don’t waste your time as it will be a very, very complicated game with bad ending, public punishment and no money!



1. Setup Your Seller Profile

Click on Udimi logo to see your dashboard. Click on avatar image to upload your avatar. Sellers with photo get more sales.

Write about yourself. Click “Change info about me” link. This text will appear in search results page and on your profile near your photo.

Go to Settings > Seller Setup and turn Seller Mode ON.

Order quantity – minimal and maximal order sizes you wish to accept for a single order. Buyers will be able to select any number of clicks from the range you defined.

Order urgency – set urgency for new orders. Example: if today is 1st of January and you set “5 days”, the closest date your buyers will be able to place order on is 6th January. We recommend to set 2 days. This way you’ll have enough time review buyer’s ad text, site and discuss any possible problems.

Price – set your minimal and maximal price per click. Udimi will automatically adjust your price based on how many orders are booked in your calendar at the moment. This way you will have minimal price when you have zero orders and maximal price when you are overbooked.

Lock week days – you can block any week day for customers, this can be useful, if you don’t mail on weekends, for example.

List size (optional) – specify total number of subscribers you have. Before we publish it on Udimi, it must be verified. Verification of supported autoresponders is free and instant. Manual verification is paid.

Create Own Solo Deal

To promote yourself, create your own solo deal in Solo Deals section. You can write long description about yourself and add pictures with testimonials. This will give you a boost in sales.

If you get a Promoted Solo Deal, your profile will be at the top of our search area for a week, plus new non-promoted solo deals will not push you down, plus you will be included in our weekly digest “Recommended by Udimi”

Please note: There are only 10 spots in Promoted section for entire Udimi. Promoted status is sold out 90% of the time. Be sure to grab your spot when you get a chance.


Accept New Orders

When you get new order, it will appear on My Solos section.

You have 24 hours to accept/reject new order no matter how far in the future actual mailing will happen.

If your order urgency is set to Same day, you’ll have only 5 hours to decide. If 5 hours is not enough, please set 2-3 days for order urgency.

You will see all the details and buyer’s site. Be sure to review buyer’s site before accepting the order. It is your responsibility to ensure buyer’s site is functional and fits your niche. If you got Promoted status, be prepared to act fast, because the number of orders can be overwhelming.


Deliver Traffic

Click your solo to see tracking link to send all visitors to. Be careful with click rotators and redirectors, because most of them are shit and may be filtered by our filter.

You have 100 hours to deliver all visitors to the buyer. Be sure to start on time and deliver before the deadline. Good delivery timing impacts your Udimi score and bumps you to top.

Please note: All early, late and useless visitors will be ignored and redirected back to you, based on your “Send filtered to” settings.

Rate Your Buyer

After the solo is finished, please rate your buyer. You’ll see your buyer’s rating only after you posted your own rating. If you don’t post any rating in one week, you will lose ability to rate and buyer’s rating will appear alone on your profile.

Getting Paid

To protect Udimi from scam sellers, we release payments only after the seller meets ALL following requirements:

  1. Date of first sold solo is 30 days or more
  2. Seller got at least 3 positive ratings
  3. There is no complaints and problems with seller’s traffic quality.

After mentioned requirements are met, all payments are released immediately upon request.

To receive your earnings, go to Money and click Pay Me


If we catch the seller on selling fake clicks even after passing all requirements, we will block seller profile and withdrawal function. All buyer solos, both finished and in progress will be cancelled and refunded to buyers. Our automated system monitors traffic and ratings and then humans review suspicious accounts.

We will block any account selling fake traffic right on the spot with no payment! We have seen established seller accounts been resold to scams, so we always act fast to protect Buyers.


Affiliate Program

We have an army of affiliates promoting our sellers. If you got an order thanks to one of our affiliates, Udimi will automatically pay 15% off the order total to the affiliate. You’ll see affiliate name right on “New solo order” screen. You’ll also see this in your solo’s Info section. You can see all payments to all affiliates on all solos in Money section (leftside menu link). The affiliate program cannot be turned off.

All affiliate payments are automatic. You don’t have to worry about this.

If some of your affiliates perform better than others and you wish to reward them, create a Custom Affiliate Agreement for any percentage you like.


Custom Affiliate Agreements

To create new agreement, go to Settings > Seller setup and click Create new agreement in Custom Affiliates section.

Put your affiliate’s Udimi link in the field and select commission you wish to give them.

After you save, the System will generate special link. Give it to your affiliate and all orders via that link will give more money to your affiliate.


Tips for Your Success

  • Communicate on our forum to get more visibility for your Solo Deal. The link to your deal will be automatically appended to the bottom of each post.
  • Download your ratings and post them on Facebook. People trust Udimi ratings and you’ll get more orders on Udimi and even outside of our site. To download a rating (any rating from any user) just hover your mouse over rating box and click download button to save an image to your computer

Communicate with Buyers A LOT

  • ALWAYS send “thank you for your order” message to your customers.
  • If something is wrong, send apology to the buyer with an update or excuse. Describe the problem and give new and exact deadline.
  • Say “thank you” to buyers after the order has been completed. Don’t be afraid of your buyers, speak!
  • Contact past buyers and send them special offers. Udimi automatically shows a link for you to contact your past customers.
  • Don’t be an idiot: speak with customer. Even if you fucked up, worst order can become the best experience with right customer care.

Respect Your Own Subscribers

  • Always check buyer’s ad text and site before you accept the solo. Your subscribers won’t be happy if you send them broken link or a junk site.