Reseller. Automation

By | August 12, 2016

There are two ways to automatically create reseller solos:

1. Use Udimi Landing Page Builder

We have created simple landing page builder that will help you to start reselling in pair minutes. This page will take payments from your buyers directly to your PayPal account without any commissions. You don’t need any API or HTML knowledge. Just describe your solo offer in the best possible way and start promoting it.

After your buyers order solos on your landing page, they will automatically appear in your reseller area.

The System will give you default domain name, but you can easily attach your own domain.


2. Use Udimi Reseller API

This is more advanced feature and requires some basic tech knowledge.

You can add reseller solos to Udimi automatically after buyer paid on your site. This way you won’t have to add each solo manually after your buyer paid. Just make an API call to Udimi with all parameters from your payment confirmation page. If you don’t take payments upfront, just create a solo with “paid” set to zero and after that mark it as paid with the second API call.

Read Reseller API specification